Big Experiences, Big Feelings, and a BIGGER God

When the words we speak to ourselves, others, and God have the power to affect change

Little Ruby Does it Big (Paperback)

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Such a Sweet Story

Little Ruby is such a sweet story! These days especially, our kids are dealing with a lot and things can be difficult to process. This story is a great reminder of who God is and the love He has for us.

Susan D

This is awesome!

This is awesome! From the illustrations to the story itself, it all, was very refreshing. I love the simplicity of it for young children, but that It’s still able to grab at the heart of me, a 34 year old. Young and small, we can all relate to those imperfect days. I liked that I reminded me that even our youth have those bad day too!

Daphne M.

Not just for kids!

This “children’s” book is not just for kids. It’s for adults too. We all need his reminder that it’s God who tells us who we are.

Kathryn W.

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