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Little Ruby Does it Big (Paperback)

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No matter our age, we've all had one (or many) of "those days." You know--the ones when everything seems to go wrong from start to finish and soon leaves us questioning our worth and everything else.

Join Little Ruby as she journeys through a day filled with big experiences, big feelings and is then reminded that she has a bigger God. Learn about what God has to say about self-worth, the importance of our relationship with Him, and the power of our words.

About The Author

Michelle Nelson is the founder and content creator of Our Words Have Power, LLC., a faith-based blog, and social media page. She is a Certified Life Coach and Content Specialist by profession. After working as a high school Reading/English/Journalism teacher and Instructional Coach as well as a Nanny, Baby-Sitter, and House Manager, Michelle has years of experience working with children, youth, young adults, and their parents. Her goal and desire through her work is to help people, including herself, to know who they are in God so that they can live life in freedom, power, boldness, and love and to understand the true power of the words they speak to God, themselves, and those around them.

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Patterson

Little Ruby Does it Big (Paperback)

Ivonne V.
Vivid Illustrations

I love it!!! It’s so beautiful! The illustrations are so vivid. I love them.

Susan D.
Such a Sweet Story

Little Ruby is such a sweet story! These days especially, our kids are dealing with a lot and things can be difficult to process. This story is a great reminder of who God is and the love He has for us. How He’s the one to lean into even more during the hard times. It brought tears to my eyes because I am Little Ruby too. We can all take away something from this story.

Daphne M.
This is awesome!

This is awesome! From the illustrations to the story itself, it all, was very refreshing. I love the simplicity of it for young children, but that It’s still able to grab at the heart of me, a 34 year old. Young and small, we can all relate to those imperfect days. I liked that I reminded me that even our youth have those bad day too!Sometimes since we’re not kids anymore we can forget that they have those days too. They just look different

Lauren V.
Amazing reminder

I absolutely love the story of Ruby. I think we have all had days like Ruby, but we don’t always look to God to comfort us. I love that children that read this book have the amazing reminder from Ruby that they can look to our Heavenly Father for comfort. I also love the flow of the words and rhyming. I look ward to more stories about Ruby, she is precious.